Harry’s tshirt

This is what the servers wear at Harry’s:


Gotta love designing annual reports.

This is the cover. Wanna see the whole thing? Click here.

Gift Card & Holder

Rick’s Loyalty Card

Dels packaging

My first package designs! They were based off the regular Lemonade so I can’t take FULL credit for original design.

Travel Guide

Tri-fold brochure

I should really take a picture of it folded so you get the full effect…

David Drake: P-Vibe Professional

P-Vibes are positive vibes resulting from amazing stand-up comedy.

Resume, headshot and business card.

25 year seal

This is an emblem I designed for Foreign Source, Ltd to celebrate 25 years in business. They are making a sticker from this design as well as putting it on various marketing materials, such as their website: http://www.foreignsource.com/