Halloween Party poster


Full Moon Party

Outdoor banner:


XO specials



check presenter:

Full Moon Party

8.5×11” flyer:

8’x4” banner:

Ad (Full page/inside front cover of the Providence Phoenix)

Table Tent (front/back):

Poster/Postcard/Flyer for Providence Biltmore

This is the first comp, which personally is my favorite but it does not go with the upscale, traditional brand that the Providence Biltmore has established.

After struggling to maintain the design but bring in more of the Biltmore brand, this is the end result:

Event Marketing

Banner ad for the event as seen here

Poster going in the Gamm Theatre

Ad in the Providence Phoenix and Gamm program

Concert Poster


Laughter is the spark of the soul.


Like father like son.

This is an Amnesty International poster about domestic violence. The subhead says “Boys who have witnessed domestic violence are three times more likely to hit their wives than boys raised in nonviolent homes”. If it is hard to see the image between the boy and his father is of a shadow of a man in the doorway and a woman holding her hands up to protect herself from being beaten. The purpose of this poster is to raise awareness about domestic violence.