I took my friend’s cousin’s girlfriends senior pictures this weekend. So excited about them I have to put a couple up before even doing any photoshop! Although I hardly have to because this girl is absolutely¬†beautiful.


Paul & Michaela

My brother and his fiance’s engagement photo. I took a bunch last fall and finally got around to editing them..

Renee’s Senior Pictures

I took my cousin’s senior pictures last week at a nice small beach in Narragansett. To see more, look under Photography>portraits.


stand-up comedy album cover

Preliminary design for David Drake’s debut stand-up album.

Original photography and illustration.


broken promises

This is what happens when you forget to take the beer out of the freezer…




font fetish

These are a few of the pages from a booklet I created. It is a simple picture book of close-ups of typography in the neighborhood. I created this booklet to show the beauty in typography- in all forms. Dimensions of the book are 6″x6″ and all photographs bleed across left & right pages.