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marieleighton.com is finally working

Now I just need to build the ACTUAL website. But hey it’s a start right?


GLA print ad

This was a magazine ad that was published  in Portland Magazine fall of 2008. It was the company’s first print ad that was targeted towards the residential market.


Hopeless Romantic spread



I threw this flyer together last minute for my cousin.

Interesting way to dress up a lot of information using cool type…

dessert concert

Lowe Museum

Check out the Lowe Museum from April 18th-May 7th! 

UM Student Exhibition preview reception on Friday, April 17th 8-10pm.

I have 3 pieces in the exhibition so it’s very exciting. One is the postmodernism magazine spread, one is an oil-pastel piece I did quite some time ago, and the other is a video that was a group project done by my typography class.

Professional Feature Writing cover

This is going to be the new cover for Dr. Bruce Garrison’s new edition of “Professional Feature Writing”. Covers were submitted in a competition and this is the cover they chose. New edition comes out Fall 2009.

Professional Feature Writing cover

Print magazine cover

This is a magazine cover for Print magazine. The assignment was to showcase a solution to a current world issue. I cut out headlines from the past few months of all kinds of world issues, and then took a quote from Andy Warhol which was relevant: “They say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself”. I think between the quote and article headlines the cover is pretty thought-provoking.


Print cover redesign.

“The World Issue”

I thought this was a more striking way to convey the message. In the first layout there was too much going on and you weren’t quite sure what to look at first, or what the message was. This is a straight-forward way to catch the eye of someone passing by a magazine stand. “Issue” has a double meaning because it is addressing the world’s “issues” as well as being an  issue of Print.