Feature page for the Living section of the Miami Herald. The high heel is a stock photo, but I plan on making an illustration of it for better quality. Coming soon.. hopefully.highheels_newspaper


Cover page for USA today.  I wanted to incorporate some kind of illustration/infographic so I created a line chart of the Dow Jones industrial average.



This is another feature for the Living section of the Miami Herald. I illustrated a cigarette as a supplement to the list of the top 12 worst ingredients in cigarettes. For the headline, “599 things you don’t want in your body” I listed all 599 ingredients that are in cigarettes and then put a clipping mask of the digits over it. The text inside the digits is small, but readable. It is not necessarily meant to be read, but it gets the point across. I probably chose the most time-consuming way to make that point, but I think it has a powerful effect.cigarette-feature

This is a feature for the Miami Herald entitled “Why is America so Fat?” The silhouette is my own illustration.



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